Congratulations to my cover designer Duncan Long for this accolade!

Congratulations to my cover designer Duncan Long for this accolade!

Joan of Arc: Marcia Quinn Noren


Joan of Arc has been the subject of multiple books, movies, plays and other forms of creative entertainment. Even if potential readers know nothing else about her, they know that she was an incredibly inspirational woman. That information is enough to make them pick up this book, because the cover has made a beautiful illustration of one of history’s greatest legends. 


The woman on the front, obviously Joan of Arc, is dressed in metal armor, holding a sword close to her; an image that was never seen because a woman’s place was in the home, not the battlefield. 


Joan of Arc is framed by a stone archway, with the night sky as a background. The three stars that seem to hover around her and the light that reflects on her armor, coming from somewhere unseen, gives her a divine appearance. The subtitle adds to this image by telling the reader that this story is of  “The Mystic Legacy”. This stunning image, with very little help from the title, will make readers eager to learn more about this iconic woman.” 


The author extends thanks to for choosing this cover design as one of four books published about important women in history. 


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